I write this on the offchance that a Scientologist should stumble across this blog. This post is for you.

First, and most importantly, please understand this: we are not against you. You have the freedom to practice your religion as and how you wish. While we may poke fun at aspects of Scientology doctrine, this is not the source of the criticisms many of us have with the Church of Scientology.

What we are protesting, and what we are opposed to, is the Church of Scientology as an institution, not Scientologists as people or Scientology itself as a doctrine.

As such, I wish to make this offer to any current or former Scientologists. If you leave a comment on this post telling your story, I will repost it to the main blog. You may be as open or anonymous as you wish, and as supportive or opposed to the Church. While we may continue to disagree I wish to give you the chance to tell your side of the story, however positive or negative it may be.


11 Responses to “An offer to Scientologists (and ex-Scientologists)”

  1. Chuck Schmuck Says:

    Unless you can offer a way to really shields ones identity on the internet,(witness Protection software) TRUSTED BY WBM and not bankruptable and can be taken over by them.

    I will just watch and learn.


    PS, most everyone knows the internet isn’t anonymous by now and the ones who don’t, would join scientology anyway.

    I’m aware that these exchanges are logged and kept. Google still has deja.com logs from message boards.

  2. Fair enough – I certainly share your concern. I would point out, however, that the only information logged by WordPress (to my knowledge) is IP address – and that only because I haven’t found a way to disable the feature yet. There are ways of hiding one’s IP, such as via this website or by using Tor.

    Still, it’s certainly better to be more cautious than less, and I understand your concern. The offer stands, regardless.

    all the best,


  3. Temple of Xenu, I applaud you on this move. We need more sharing of actual personal experience of Scientology, what people actually saw, heard, felt, said and did, and not just what people think about corporatate Scientology’s beliefs, policies, and practices. We engage in a lot of necessary ideological warfare, but one important goal is mutual understanding. Judging on quality of Scientologists who have left CoS, Scientologists are quite wonderful human beings who are temporarily deluded and deceived by the practices of corporate Scientology. Most of them left because there were non-scis who treated them with kindness, understanding, and respect of their experience. I hope Scientologists will take you up on your offer. Thanks for all your great work.

    1. Deena Says:

      Matrice êtes-vous indispensable ?Une matrice est un élément central en amont que l’on conçoit pour réaliser quelquechose d&r;e178aut#2, c’est aussi quelquechose qui évolue, donc on peut aussi se poser légitimement la question qui suit.

  4. Thanks! Much appreciated. And – I agree with your post 🙂

  5. gosh Says:

    Generally, as regards what Scientology is, and what it accomplishes around the world, the official and internal version offered by the church is closer to the truth, as compared to any anti scn source I have seen. By far. And I have read a lot from both sides, while also being for a long time inside the church. The church version is not “all the facts”, but when actual errors occur, I see how the responsible ones are internally handled, corrected or kicked out -as would be the case in any serious group.

  6. Unmasked Says:

    I applaud you on this page… I must say, the majority of negative criticism those of us in the anti-“church” of Scientology camp get is the misperception that we are attempting to stifle peoples freedom of faith.. This could help to bring us together with those under the thrall of the organisation… Show them that we are all people and all we want is what’s best for our fellow man..
    I hope you don’t mind, but I’m gonna steal this idea and put up a similar page on my blog..
    I will link to you and give you full credit though..

  7. ronbothunter Says:


    The secret most un-exposed about Scientology is that is it an “applied physiological philosophy” rather than an “applied religious philosophy”. All Scientology courses, all auditing processes, and all the management and professional courses are based on physiological phenomenas, psychophysiology, emotions, human behavior patterns etc., that are our birth right and used in Scientology as their own discoveries. Even their PTS-SP data is based upon how a “Symptom” re-stimulation is brought out by physiological reactions of the mind affecting the body when under stress. They blame innocent human beings called by them “suppressive persons” for bringing out a symptom that was there to warn you of hidden real illnesses caused by non-suppressive sources such as parasites, chemicals, poisons, toxins, viruses and bacteria. The data on PTS-SP is twisted by them to blame innocent people in order to keep them in line.

    The only way to fight them is to expose to the world–how Scientology has used physiological phenomenas as the basis for a false religion. How it has harmed families by claiming that innocent mothers and fathers are SPs — when they lied about symptom re-stimulations to the world.

    No where in Scientology will you find courses on any bible, there is no study or belief in heaven, hell, saints, angels, the devil, or even God himself. They do not study religion or even believe in religions. They do not share common values with any other religion. Their goal is to eliminate all other religions.

    The E-meter reads your physiological reactions, the Ronbots never calls it that—they call it the “CHARGE” or the “MASS” or “ENGRAMS” OR “MENTAL IMAGE PICTURES” that you have in your brain—all meant to distract you from the truth.

    Know this fact — There is a law of Nature or law of God called “Physiological Reactions” that is the true secret behind Scientology’s Dianectic study technology.

    LRH discovered that when you passed a misunderstood word—you manifested many reactions of various types: Yawning, sleepiness, not there feeling, dizziness, blurry eyes, nervousness and dozens more.

    Being the liar that he was, he claimed that physiological reactions which he now calls “Dianetics” was “‘his” invention and not a law of God; he hid the fact that it is our human inheritance since time began.

    Granted that his power of obnosis was the best in the world, his crime against humanity was to make a “religion” based upon the falsehood, that it was his invention or creation and not a law of God belonging to all Humanity as their lawful right.

    All living beings have physiological (The functions and activities of life or of living matter such as the organic processes of organs, tissues, or cells) phenomenas (observable reactions known through the senses rather than by thought or intuition), or physical manifestations (made evident by showing or displaying) or physical reactions, that we see or feel as symptoms, and they are external and/or internal or visible signs or warnings given to us, by our creator to help us survive, help us increase our potential, our knowledge and our health.
    All life on Earth has these cause and effect reactions called physiological phenomenas. All living beings whether they are plant, insect, retile or animal or human could not live without these reactions. They influence the body’s and the mind’s reactions to any form of stimuli, and have an influence on every cell of the body and mind.
    [Noun. Physiological reaction – Is an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus.]
    [Examples of physiological reactions: inborn reflex, innate reflex, instinctive reflex, reflex response, unconditioned reflex, accommodation reflex, Babinski reflex, belching, headache, migraines, swelling, sweating, erections, blinking, blushing, burping, defecation reflex, disgorgement, involuntary eye blinking, farting, skin flush, gag reflex, goose bump, goose pimple, gooseflesh, involuntary gulping, involuntary hiccup, knee-jerk reflex, light reflex, puking, papillary reflex, rectal reflex, regurgitation, shaking, shiver, shock, sneezing, startle, stretch reflex, suckling reflex, trembling, upset stomach, vomiting, involuntary winking, yawn, yawning — plus hundreds more.]
    Ron studied Physiological reactions more than most scientists and applied it to invent a new Religion.
    He did not invent but copied the laws of nature and scammed the whole world into thinking that he alone discovered these reactions and no one else did. What he did do – was noticed the reactions of students and from this scam invented Dianetics “study tech”.
    Examples of Physiological reactions of the body and mind when reading:
    Falling asleep while reading – yawning, confusion, feeling blank, feeling anxious, not there feeling, tearing eyes, eyes going out of focus, dizziness, reeling, rebelliousness, headaches, skipping words, feeling nauseous, fidgeting, jumpy while reading, can’t stay still, mispronouncing words, feeling as if you are squashed, feeling as if you are over-whelmed, twitching, can’t apply what you are reading, can’t understand what you are reading, etc. are all due to physiological reactions when you read misunderstood words or misunderstood definitions.
    To understand the secrets of your enemy –is to know exactly where to hurt him.
    Scientology’s copyrighted files on based upon the laws of Nature and laws of God; they are in violation of copyrights and patent rights. Therefore, the contents or subjects can be used by anyone and can be talked about without fear of any lawsuit.
    Everything you do produces a reaction in your body and mind. Every time you read, eat, sleep, rest, run, etc. produces a reaction.
    To tell your mother that you invented a new religion, because you discovered why you farted, is a good example of the scam that Ron pulled on you. He got away with it because the world did not see these reactions as they applied to reading. Or if some scientist saw and knew it—he did not protest it and allowed a Cult to claim it as their own new discovery.
    If you want to destroy the cult, study your own reactions each time you do something—learn to read yourself and use your own power of obnosis to discover the real world within you.

    Yours truly

    All Rights Reserved.

    Copyright Ronbothunter— All Rights Reserved, Without Prejudice UCC 1-308 & 1-103.6 including rights under the UCC and common law remedies. I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not personally sign and enter knowingly, voluntarily and intentionally and especially if I was not given full disclosure. I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement.

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  9. TampaExSO Says:

    I have left the SO about two yrs ago the church decleared me as SP. I want to talk over stuff, talk to someone _ I have so many disagreements, I got now a job, a car, a place to live, restarted my life, but getting some attacks. Is there an ex-SO helpline?

  10. A Nonny Mouse Says:

    Hi there,

    Try these folks: http://www.exseaorg.com/ Plenty of information and contact details, including a phone number:

    In USA and Canada Call toll free 1-866-XSEAORG .

    That’s 1 866- 973-2674 This is a good number to call to hook up with old friends or find a place to stay if you’re just out..

    In UK (London) call 0208 864 4940.

    – – –

    There is also the ex-Scientologists message board: http://www.forum.exscn.net/

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