The following points may be helpful in understanding the perspective of this blog.

First, and most important: the Church of Scientology is a cult. It is also a business. It is also a scam. It is also a pseudoscientific organisation. These characteristics are not contradictory but part of one rotten whole.

Some paint anti-Scientology campaigning as an issue of freedom of religion. This is a mistake; people are free to believe as they wish. It is the practices of the Church of Scientology which are cause for concern and action. Respecting this freedom of belief, however, does not require us to refrain from criticising those beliefs, only that we must oppose attempts to coercively stop people from holding them.

Scientology must be understood within a broader social context, both of cults specifically and in a more general sense the circumstances which allow them to flourish.

Tactics must be similarly understood in context. The chorus of condemnation directed at Anonymous’ initial denial of service attacks rested on the assumption that to do so makes the attackers as bad as the Church, as both were engaged in a form of “censorship.” This is akin to condemning the slaves who fight to escape their master as being as bad as the master who beat them, as both used violence. More simply, it lacks perspective.

Anonymity is crucial for this campaign. The cult’s approach to its critics is well known, consisting of harassment, false allegations, endless court proceedings, death threats, and more. Those who would campaign against the Church require anonymity to remain safe.

Material from this blog may be freely redistributed provided attribution is given.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Damian DeWitt Says:

    I am going to start referring to OSA as the KGB. Excellent run down on OSA’s activities. There is so much material I appreciate succinct summaries.

    I have added you to the blogrolls at:

    For Great Justice

    The Anonymous Revolution

  2. Thanks :-). Link reciprocated.

  3. Adrian Barbu Says:


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