Reporters on the Job

Mystery Man Revealed: While checking into a Curaçao hotel to report on a local shipyard’s use of forced labor, correspondent Colin Woodard found himself being not-so-discreetly interrogated by a mysterious American man wearing gold-rimmed glasses. “He wanted to know who I was, who I worked for, and what I was doing on the island,” Colin says, “but he was really reticent about answering my own questions about who he was.”

Curious, Colin did a little of his own sleuthing, and learned that the man was an agent, but not of an intelligence service. “He was the port agent of the Church of Scientology’s passenger ship Freewinds, which is based on the island,” says Colin. The ship, which tied up the next morning, is used as a spiritual retreat for dedicated followers. It underwent repairs at the yard earlier this year, when it was reportedly discovered to be contaminated with asbestos.