Scientology Goons Violently Attack Peaceful Protestors at Fortress-like Luxury Compound

On October 26, five members of the anti-Scientology group Anonymous picketed the criminal mind-control cult’s armed desert compound known as “Gold Base” in Gilman Hot Springs, California. Cult stormtroopers roughed them up. Video, approximately 7 minutes.

Gold Base is home to the cult propaganda production facility, Golden Era Studios, Scientology celebrity vacation bungalows, a nine-hole golf course and the notorious concentration camp called the Rehabilitation Project Force, or RPF.

Upon arrival, the protesters parked their van on the shoulder of the highway, and black-clad Scientology stormtroopers sprang into action.

The security goons repeatedly pulled their black Bronco close to the protesters’ van and made like they were tampering with the vehicle — at one point, setting off an emergency flare behind the van.

The vehicle tampering tactic was apparently employed to bait the protesters on to Gold Base property. Concerned for the safety of the vehicle and property within the van, Anonymous member “AnonOrange” raced to the van, where he was lured onto the fringes of Gold Base by the crafty goon squad, and captured. There, they dog-piled on the peaceful protester and zip-tied his wrists. When the middle-aged female protester known as “XenuBarb” went to assist her fallen comrade, she too was unnecessarily roughed up.

Fortunately, all of this was caught on video.

Unfortunately, the battered and bruised “AnonOrange” was arrested and detained by the cult-friendly Riverside County Sheriffs.