EXCLUSIVE: Scientology Legal Responds — And They’re Not Happy

Unbelievably well-financed lawyers from Scientology have given their best shot at Peter Letterese, the former Scientologist who filed a quarter-billion-dollar lawsuit (yes, that’s billion) against the august church and its poster boy Tom Cruisecruise2.jpg. (To see Cruise get wacky on Oprah!, click on his name.)

Scientology lawyer Elliot J. Abelson issued a press release Oct 29 denouncing Letterese’s recent filing — in which he alleges a federal judge, state judge and a bankruptcy trustee took bribes.

“In his (Letterese’s) years of litigation against Scientology, he has never won anything.” Abelson railed.

However, attorney Graham Berry, who has been battling the Church for years, tells us that while the outcome of Letterese’s law suits remain to be seen, it could be considered “a small victory.”

Although Mr. Letterese is no longer a member of the cult, it appears he’s emulating grand poobah L. Ron Hubbard’s dictum, which went: “The purpose of [the] [any] lawsuit is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment…will generally be sufficient to cause professional decease, if possible, of course, ruin him utterly.”

A week after filing his amended complaint, Letterese filed seven separate new motions in Federal court which detail over two dozen acts of prejudice, Federal-statute-violations, clear bias, and serially improper and illegal acts by a federal Judge, a federal Bankruptcy Trustee, her counsel and Scientology’s lawyers. He’s requesting removal of all who acted improperly.