Boston Scientology Cult Lawsuit Fails

The Suffolk County DA’s office today dropped charges of criminal harassment against Gregg Housh, of the Greater Boston Area, related to protests outside the Cult of Scientology Buildings.

However, a Boston Municipal Court judge continued for one year charges against Housh of disturbing an assembly of worship and disturbing the peace. The ruling means Housh has to stay away from the church’s current headquarters and its planned new offices in the South End or the case could be brought to trial, according to the Suffolk County DA’s office. In a statement, the office explained the decision to drop the criminal-harassment charge:

After a review of the evidence, prosecutors determined they could not meet their burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt on this charge [of criminal harassment] and could not in good faith move forward with it.

Had the case gone to trial, prosecutors would have introduced evidence and testimony to show that Housh and others entered the Church of Scientology’s Beacon Street building in a boisterous manner during a March 1 protest, disturbing the proceedings and alarming those inside.