Ask the Scientologist: Scientologists: Why Scientology is Attacked

As a Scientologist, you are, undoubtedly aware of, and concerned about, the continuing attacks against the Church of Scientology. And very rightfully so.

In your world, Scientology is very, very good. Why would anyone attack it?

The church has presented various explanations for these protests. “People are being paid to protest”, “Suppressives are spreading false information,” “Big drug companies are working to destroy Scientology,” and so on.

However, you have been taught that the “right Why”, the “right item”, the correct reason for a problem, when spotted, will resolve the problem.

And still, the protests continue.

To make matters worse, the mainstream media are reporting bad things about the Church of Scientology. There are reports of abuse within the church, and worse. It is upsetting.

And, even further, you see other problems. Your local church is struggling. There are few new people, if any. You know your own involvement in Scientology is also fraught with problems. Perhaps your case is stalled, or you’ve been told to repeat earlier levels, or you now find yourself “off lines” due to various problems. And the Church of Scientology is demanding more and more money from you — to “solve” problems that persist in not getting any better no matter how much money they collect.

It seems there are many problems today, and they are not getting better.

Hubbard tells us that, if things are not resolving, then one doesn’t have the correct source of the problem, right?

David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology is pointing the finger of blame outward — and nothing is getting resolved. The protests continue. The local churches continue to struggle. Scientologists continue to struggle.