Berlin forum eyes LaRouche ‘dangers’

A forum in Berlin will focus on the Lyndon LaRouche movement in Germany.

The unexplained death of a Jewish student more than five years ago prompted Thursday’s event looking at the allegedly anti-democratic and anti-Semitic aspects of several political organizations established by LaRouche, an 86-year-old American political activist and economist, according to Erika Duggan.

Jewish and pro-democracy groups are hosting the forum.

Duggan’s son, Jeremiah, died after attending an anti-war conference sponsored by a LaRouche-linked group in Wiesbaden. Witnesses told Duggan that her son, shocked by statements during a meeting of the Schiller Institute that blamed Jews for the Iraq war, stood up and announced he was Jewish.

German courts have ruled Jeremiah’s death a suicide — investigators said he was hit by at least one car when he ran onto a highway. But British investigators have disputed the finding and suggest Jeremiah was beaten and thrown onto the highway.

Duggan and her husband, Hugo, have filed an appeal to Germany’s constitutional court asking for the investigation to be reopened.