Internet directory of bizarre information

THE FIRST online church of ’Bob’ has opened its doors to the public, to allow for wider exposure of the so-called ’fringe elements’ of our society: the strange, the weird, the blasphemous, the slackful and the subversive. After earning a position on the enemies’ lists of various cults and white supremacist groups, the church launched its own wiki catalogue of fringe groups in 2005 — ’The high Weirdness Project’.

Although it is run on wiki software, the ’High Weirdness Project’ proclaims that it is not an ’encyclopedia’ like Wikipedia. This site is dedicated to provide readers and researchers with a gateway to many strange, unusual, useful and above all slackful sources of information. The ’High Weirdness Project does not follow a neutral point of view, its entries are deliberately biased and they are intended to offend those who are too easily offended.

Topics covered at the project include religious cults, conspiracy theories, science and pseudo-science and extensive sections on entertainment, including cult movies and online comics.

The site has been featured as one of the top ten Google searches for ’Scientology’ and it is included in the list of websites banned by the web filtering and censorship software distributed to Scientologists in the late 1990s. The project has also become known for its exposure of such controversial groups as St Matthew’s Churches, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Perverted Justice and the Gentle Wind Project.