From the Operation Clambake Message Board:

Uwe Stuckenbrock has died

Uwe Stuckenbrock, the former International Security Cheif of Scientology, has died on the RPF at PAC. His brother Markus is asking for our help:

Please help me to get more information about the suffering and death of my brother


Hi everybody. I’m really shocked! On Thursday my father called and told me that my brother Uwe Stuckenbrock (46years old) died last night. The least 5 (?) years he suffered at Multiple Sclerosis and was living in the RPF PAC since 2001 and before in the RPF in Happy Valley. What the RPF is and what living conditions he had I found out today on while looking for more information about his death on the internet. I also learned, that his former wife Lurisse Stuckenbrock is still in a higher Position in the Scientology Organisation. Does anybody have more information for me? If it should come to light, that his bad life cicumstances in the RPF lead to his early death I consider legal steps against every possible responsible person. For example because of failure to give assistance.
I live in Germany and we had only telephonic contact with Uwe and the last Years he was not able to speak because of his serious Multiple Sclerosis. And the other people on the phone obviously were mostly telling us lies about his situation.
Does anybody know more about this terrible affair or if he had at least a few friends arround at his ceremony.

I planted a wooden cross for him and laid it down on our family grave here in Neu-Ulm and we all spoke a few prayers for Uwe.

Thanks for your help