Peaceful Demostrator Punched by Scientologist at Los Angeles Event

A peaceful demonstration on L Ron Hubbard Way turned ugly when a member of the Church of Scientology punched a protester without provocation. This isn’t the first time L Ron Hubbard Way has attracted notice. Assaults, weekly street closures for Scientology parties, a recent death and now this incident focus attention on the shadowy cult of Scientology.

On Sunday evening, October 12, a masked Anonymous, peacefully demonstrating on L Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles with other Anons, was assaulted by a member of the Church of Scientology. Police were called and the unidentified Scientologist was handcuffed. Charges are pending at press time.

Kendrick Moxon, Scientology’s attorney was present but did not make a statement for the record.

Here is the report from the Anonymous protester who was assaulted:

“A few minutes after we arrived at Big Blue, a scientologist came out of nowhere and punched the sided of my face. It was a loud punch as the mask crackled. We have two witnesses and I started filming right after the event as we followed this man, while we called the cops. After the scientologist tried lying, the LAPD cop realized his story did not make match and made him admit he hit me without provocation and at which point he handcuffed him…There was absolutely no provocation on my part. The guy came from behind me, punched me and tried to get away. Most of the events immediately following the events are on film, taken with better cameras than mine.”