South Africa: Anti-drug campaign in Bay

Anti-drug campaign in Bay


A JOINT international drug awareness campaign organised by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) and backed by the local police organised crime unit, has reached Port Elizabeth and is up and running in the new Moffett on Main Lifestyle Centre.

Organiser and CCHR special affairs director Cheryl Westley said the drug awareness campaign comprised an extensive exhibition warning people about drug abuse.

Westley said it was the first of its kind here and was based on a Los Angeles setup called “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death”.

“The exhibition contains various graphic visual presentations consisting of interviews with more than 150 health professionals, attorneys and other experts,” said Westley. “We are going to focus on the hard facts about drug abuse.”

She said eight large television screens would also be set up for viewing of video footage showing the adverse effects of drug abuse. “We intended to focus on children doing drugs and the mental disorders surrounding the abuse.”

The exhibition‘s aim is to expose the psychiatric effects drugs have on users and how these mental disorders come about. It is set to be in Port Elizabeth until October 11.