L Ron Hubbard Way: a Scientology weekend

Yeh, I know. I complain a lot about Google. But it does have its good points, Google Maps being one of them.

While I was killing hand-delivered spam, this morning, I noticed the Ex-Scientology kid post is still attracting comments.

It includes a write-up up from someone who had up-close-and-personal experiences with the cult as a child. But that wasn’t all.

“On Monday I posted a story on the mind-bending fact cult founder L. Ron Hubbard has a street named after him in Los Angeles,” I wrote, going on:

“Hollywood. It figures. But what really blew my mind was Scientology has been getting the local council to close down the street every weekend.

“Purpose? So Scientologists can stage (word used advisedly) events.

“Sammi Franklin and Lisa Derrick are courageously trying to get something done about it, as LAlist points out.”

Says Brandon in a Readers Write to our first post on the subject:

“They are also using film permits to shut this street down! FilmLA has some quasi-governmental role in handing out permits to the COS’s ‘Golden Era’ studios. This should also be brought to the Council’s attention. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that film permits and street closures are being used to keep protesters out. ”

I wondered what L Ron Hubbard Way actually looks like, and what they get up to, on these weekends.

But I’m far from being the first person to exhibit curiosity. Not long after the street officially came into being in the late 90s with a little help from movie star John Travolta and others, Xenu TV decided to check it out.

The result was Fourth Of July Weekend on L. Ron Hubbard Way in which the ’security’ drone on the left warns a researcher the street is closed off.