Fringe candidates add colour, ideas to campaign

Some fringe candidates didn’t just break the political mould — they shattered it into a fine powdery dust.

“I’ve never run before. I’ve never even voted before,” said Canadian Action Party candidate Craig Batley, 54, running in Prince Albert.

His online biography boasts he’s never earned more than $12 an hour and yet has owned two Jaguars and “every sport car you can think of.”

(He says he paid $4,000 and $500 for the two Jags, which were older models when he bought them.)

Batley’s childhood involved skinning chipmunks in Prince Albert National Park to study their diet and his resume includes working for the Church of Scientology for 10 years. He says he’s both a scientologist and a Christian.

Batley said he’s running to help prevent the Third World War and work against the New World Order.

“We don’t need a powerful leader telling us what to do. We need a well-informed populace to tell government what to do.”