Ask the Scientologist: Recovering from Scientology

It is hard for those who have never been intensely involved in something like the Church of Scientology to understand how difficult leaving can be.

It can be a shock. Depending on how deeply one was into Scientology, whether one was on staff or in the Sea Org, it can be quite traumatic and can take quite some time to recover.

Often, upon leaving, the newly ex-Scientologist still feels that they are “a Scientologist”. If the person has been kicked out rather than leaving voluntarily, they may honestly intend to carefully follow all the steps so that they can get back in “good standing” with the church.

If the person is leaving voluntarily and no longer wants to be involved with David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology, they may need to hide that fact, because they work for a Scientologist, or because family and friends are still Scientologists.

It can be confusing and difficult.

Here are a few suggestions that might be of help.