This from the forums:

I’m writing this with the intention of not sending it to you – what would be the point, most likely you would hand it in unopened and unread to the MAA or OSA as some sort of knowledge report on about a known suppressive person.

Maybe posting it on the message board is the only way you might get to read it someday.

If you are still reading, perhaps goaded on by a perverse curiosity regarding the mother of your children and the woman to whom you were married for 23 years, I’d like to explain some things to you.

I’m glad that our daughter managed to get permission to attend her cousin’s funeral. Thank you for driving her there. It is a good thing that the church has some inkling of the kind of bad PR and public outrage that would have resulted had this permission been denied.

Over 200 people attended the service, along with reports to the press. The release of balloons and the dove marked the start of a new registered charity in his name.

I was told about how you completely ignored our son when he said hello to you and how my family had to shame you into showing some minimal degree of respect and forced you into speaking back to him. It’s extremely sad that you will not allow any sort of understanding between you. It’s also bitterly disappointing that you couldn’t find the time to read the deeply personal and heartfelt story that he wrote to explain to you his view of things.

I’m sure that you remember attending Xxxxxx and Xxxxxx’s wedding and you remember their happiness when less than a year later we saw them with their newborn son.

It is so ironic, that here they were having to bury their only son, a young man of 24 years old, about the same age as your own son. These parents would have done just about anything, gone to any lengths, to keep him alive even for a few days more – and there you are attending their funeral with your son who you have deliberately disowned and disconnected from…