Protesters try to persuade Beck to drop Scientology

American protesters have tried to persuade Beck to renounce Scientology, describing the movement as a “cult”.

Campaigners gathered outside the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre in New York last night (September 18), where Scientologist Katie Holmes was performing, to send anti-Scientology messages to the musician and other celebrity followers.

The protesters held up posters and flags bearing slogans, including, “Run, Katie, run! And take Beck with you” and, “Free Katie, keep Tom [Cruise]”, reports The Sun.

Update: A reader has offered the following info:

Hey Temple of Xenu. I like that you are trying to spread the word about what happened there, but the news reports have been overwhelmingly wrong. I was there, and no one did anything to try to persuade Beck to leave the cult. No one sent any messages to any Scilon celebrities besides Katie, either. The sign that mentioned Beck didn’t even address him directly! (I should know, I made the sign.) I’m glad we got so much news notice, but I wish it had been more accurate. (One source referred to us as an “angry mob,” which was also not true!)