Church Of Scientology Eyes Bucks Co. Property

A religion with several famous members is hoping to turn a Bucks County building into its new home, but some people living nearby are becoming a little weary of their new neighbor.

When Plumstead resident Kim Coffman heard her new neighbors might be the church of Scientology, she was not happy.

“We were hoping a family would move in and my children would have some friends right out back would be the ideal situation,” Coffman said.

However, Scientologist A. Rhodes Wilson, who owns the home, wants to turn it into “The Church of Scientology Mission of Bucks County.”

“There’s that void here in that central part of Bucks County, New Jersey, Montgomery County, that this would be able to service,” Wilson explained.

Scientology was created by fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard as a self-help technique and philosophy which grew into a larger organization identifying itself as a religion.