Information can present itself in may different forms

Last Saturday night as I walked down State Street, something on the sidewalk caught my eye.
I crouched down to get a closer look and saw that red letters had been written on a black card that read: “YOUFOUNDTHECARD.”

When I took a closer look at the card, I saw light grey letters asking me whether I had found the card, or the card had found me.

Now I was hooked. Whether I had found the card, or the card had found me, I rushed to my computer at home to find out what this was all about. At first, I didn’t know whether to expect a work-from-home website, a political website, or even a pornographic site.

I was shocked that the website had uncovered and revealed a sinister plot planned to brainwash, control and exploit people all over the world in order to gain money and power. The organization behind the plot has intimidated, manipulated and even killed their own members in order to keep their secrets to themselves.

The name of this dangerous organization is The Church of Scientology.