Germany Convenes International Meeting to Discuss Scientology Threat

Germany’s Department of Interior Affairs this week convened a three hour seminar on Scientology. The meeting, called “This is Scientology! Reports from the USA,” was held in Hamburg. Unlike the situation in the United States, where it has “religion” status, Scientology in Germany is considered to be a “Threat to Democracy,” ranked right alongside “Islamic extremism” and “Racist skinheads.”

The program was organized by Ursula Caberta, who heads the Scientology Task Force of the Hamburg Interior Authority. Caberta invited a number of prominent American Scientology critics to the forum, including Hollywood actor Jason Beghe, who recently left the cult after 14 years; Marc Headley, who defected a couple of years ago, and who used to work closely with cult leader David Miscavige; Larry Brennan, a former high-ranking Scientologist who has personal knowledge of the process of “religious cloaking” done by the Scientology cult, for the express purpose of obtaining tax-exempt “religion” status; and Graham Berry, a heroic attorney who has fought the cult for more than 20 years. Also in attendance were several Anonymous members from the USA, as well as from German and other European countries; dignitaries from other countries; and, importantly, a representative from the US Consulate in Hamburg.

Scientology’s main offices in Hollywood and Clearwater dispatched a delegation of their most vicious lawyers and PR guys. Notably, these included Tommy Davis, who was seen flipping out with rage as he bull-baited BBC reporter John Sweeney in the 2007 program “Scientology and Me”; and attorney Kendrick Moxon, one of the most vile human beings alive.