“Scientology wants to abolish democracy” (dradio.de) “Scientology wants to abolish democracy” (dradio.de)

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“Scientology wants to abolish democracy”

The Journalists Nordhausen and von Billerbeck warn of the cult

Liane von Billerbeck and Frank Nordhausen talk to Andreas Müller

According to journalists Liane von Billerbeck and Frank Nordhausen the Scientology cult is a totalitarian, fascist-like organization, which is deeply anti-democratic. 15 years after their first book on the interconnection between Scientology and the german economy both of them wrote a continuation, in which they’re educating on the [machinations] of the cult.

Andreas Müller: At the very latest following the bizarre appearance of the actor Tom Cruise -one my watch it on YouTube- and the opening of the new german central in Berlin last year, the US-american Scientology cult has become once again a more common topic of conversations, of [controversy]. Last year the cult scored an enourmous PR success, when Cruise received before an audience of millions before their TV sets the “Bambi for Courage”. The laudatory speech was held by no less a person than “FAZ”-copublisher Frank Schirrmacher. Suddenly, it seemd, Scientology had reached the mainstream on the one hand and on the other hand the [conservative middle-class].

The journalists Liane von Billerbeck, which you of course know already as a host here on the show “Radiofeuilleton”, and Frank Nordhausen have been studying Scientology for a long time. 15 years ago together they published the book “The cult corporation. Scientology on the advance.” Back then, those were stories on the attempt of the cult to infiltrate the german economy. Today the continuation comes out, called “How the cult corporation wants to conquer the world”. Both authors are now with me at the studio. A warm welcome for Liane von Billerbeck and Frank Nordhausen.

Liane von Billerbeck: How are you?

Frank Nordhausen: Hello.

Müller: What was your motivation to take up the topic of Scientology another time 15 years after the first book?

von Billerbeck: That’s very simple. There’ve been huge changes in the situation since then, a lot of people are left only with a vague idea of what Scientology is, which is an antidemocratic totalitarian organization striving for control of the world, so it’s a totalitarian island within democracy. This has also been confirmed by the upper administration court at Münster in february.

So there are reasons to observe Scientology through Verfassungsschutz. And it is a totalitarian organization, which [left public perception] a bit after september 11th 2001. Furthermore there was hardly any internet when our first book came out, that is to say it was in its beginnings. By now there are entirely new methods and Scientology can use these methods as well.