Chemical Wedding DVD review

Now here was a movie I was itching to see when I first heard about it, especially as at the time I was entering Sci-Fi London’s 48 Hour Film Challenge, with the winning entry being screened before it. You might wonder where my enthusiasm came from so quickly, and the answer is an unswerving love for Iron Maiden and their mighty front man Bruce Dickinson, who co-wrote Chemical Wedding with director Julian Doyle. Add to that the theme of the film, about the resurrection of deviant occultist Aleister Crowley. This absolutely appealed to the former angry teenager in me, who spent rather a lot of energy looking into such anti-religious views and all things satanic back in the day, so I approached the film with exactly the same mindset and I wasn’t disappointed.


That isn’t to say the film isn’t without its controversial historical or biblical facts. The writers are obviously well researched in the history of Crowley and have their own unique delivery of quotes and theoretical takes on the bible which are bound to upset more than a few people. But then I’ve never objected to the odd poke at religion and am always fascinated to hear quotes from ‘The Book’ as I’ve still yet to read it. Interestingly, the film also makes mention of Crowley’s link to L. Ron Hubbard, but by the filmmaker’s own admission (in both the commentary and deleted scenes) it was underplayed due to fear of a massive lawsuit from the (hmm I’m now stuck as I want to avoid ranting, but I will behave) ‘Church’ of Scientology. It’s always slightly alarming that they have more of a hold over peoples artistic expression than the Catholic church, but I digress.