A New Bridge to Freedom for Scientologists

Scientologists need a new Bridge to Freedom. No, not the “Bridge to ‘Total Freedom'” that L. Ron Hubbard concocted. No, they need a way out of the slavery and deception that is David Miscavige’s Church of Scientology.

Scientologists were told by Hubbard that “The way out is the the way through.” They believe this bit of “advice”, but, while it may be true under very specific circumstances, it is obviously false otherwise. Would they tell a woman in a horrible, abusive relationship “Stick with it, ‘the way out is the way through!'” Of course not!

The way out of their abusive relationship with the Church of Scientology is out!

This escape from the totalitarian control of the Church of Scientology is often quite difficult. When someone is a Believer, they have carefully controlled their thoughts for so long and so thoroughly that it has become quite difficult to exercise those atrophied mental skills of observation, perception, deduction and logic.

Scientologists need our help.

But why should we help those still in the Church of Scientology’s control? Isn’t it their fault? Aren’t they the gullible ones? Why not just make fun of them for being stupid and leave it at that?

In an ironic twist, this is exactly what Scientologists would recommend. Scientologists believe that, if something bad happens to someone, they “pulled it in”. From the Hubbard viewpoint, it is totally someone’s own damn fault that something bad happened to them.