In July, Narconon Georgia issued a press release on the dangers of so-called “Pharma Parties,” events at which teenagers are claimed to raid their parents’ medicine cabinets, dumping the contents into bowls from which pills are consumed at random.

One problem: as described here, “Pharma Parties” seem to be largely a media invention.

Narconon Georgia has now issued the following press release:
Pharm Parties or Not: Prescription Drugs Abused

There has been some debate whether so called “pharm parties” or “pharming parties” do or don’t occur. These pharma parties are reportedly where teenagers raid their parents’ medicine cabinet, get together, and mix and share whatever pills they can find: Oxycontins®, Percocets®, sleep aids such as Ambien®, benzo’s such as Xanax®, cough medicine, Coricidin®.

Narconon Drug Rehab in Georgia, as part of National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month, warns parents about the dangers of prescription medications and non-prescription medications that can be abused by teenagers.

“Some parents are not aware of any ‘pharma parties’ in their area,” states Mary Rieser, Executive Director in Narconon Drug Rehab in Georgia. “The fact remains that teens and pre-adolescents do steal medicine from the family medicine cabinet. They do abuse these. They share. They get addicted.”