Scientology Cult’s Tiny Tyrant: David Miscavige

Who is David Miscavige? He is the leader of the Scientology cult and organized crime syndicate. He is an asthmatic, narcissistic, unusually short, violent and abusive 48-year old high school drop-out and control freak who is said to enjoy daily enemas. According to his official Scientology biography, he also likes riding motorcycles, fishing, snorkeling and underwater photography.

The official story is that Miscavige is chairman of the board of “Religious Technology Center,” a corporation that attempts at an almost fetishistic level of fanaticism to control the countless trademarked names and symbols held by the cult. Scientologists believe that Miscavige is the “ultimate ecclesiastical authority” in their cult, and they regard him with the glaze-eyed veneration one often sees in cult members.

To the “public” Scientologists, the 50,000 or so worldwide who are ordinary citizens with regular jobs and lives, who for whatever reason are pleased to consider themselves Scientologists, Miscavige is an assertive, articulate, semi-good-looking, guiding figure for their “religion,” surrounded by fabulous celebrities, who is often seen speaking forcefully in gilded, velveteened Scientology auditoriums of massively overblown pomp and pageantry, a bit like a short American Mussolini with hair. Many Scientologists who are “on staff” or in the “Sea Org” know a different side of Miscavige, or perhaps just a different aspect of the same fascistic side. They know him as an arrogant, bombastic little monkey, to whom one must be excessively deferential or face the consequences; they know him as a vile, tantrum-throwing, micro-managing midget with a bad case of unwarranted self-importance; they know him as a criminal schemer of ways to extort millions of dollars not only from governments and tax authorities but even from the ordinary Scientologists, and have them like it; they know him as a vain little whinger who has fresh sushi delivered by fast motorcycle from his favorite spot in Santa Monica up to the cult’s luxury “Gold Base” desert fortress 100 miles inland, and who thinks nothing of punching, slapping, or sending to the RPF any staff or Sea Org member who even looks at him from the wrong angle.