Scientology cult’s secret prison camps: The “Sea Org” and “Rehabilitation Project Force”

The Scientology cult’s internal prison gulag currently holds hundreds of people of various nationalities. This is happening right now in the USA at the “Rehabilitation Project Force” (RPF) centers run by this “church,” where members who have disagreed with Scientology management are sent for punishment and re-indoctrination. The average internment is 2 to 10 years. Many of these people were granted USA visas as “religious workers” or “students” of Scientology. There are also RPF centers in the UK, Australia and Denmark.

Scientology staff and even “public” Scientologists are heavily recruited to join the “Sea Organization,” or “Sea Org.” The Sea Org is an insider order of Scientology, where all members are required to sign a “billion year contract” to help Scientology “clear the planet” and “obliterate psychiatry.” Any person who joins the Sea Org and then later disagrees with its practices will soon find him- or herself confined in the RPF. The conditions these people live in are inhumane and violate many US laws, as well as prisoner of war standards held by the United Nations and the Geneva Convention.

Regular Sea Org members are required to work 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week, receiving receive only a small stipend, usually 50 US dollars/week, from which FICA and tax is withheld. The standard net payment is $46 and some cents. The actual work time is disguised by the statement that there are 8 hours of work time and 2-4 hours of “study”. The “study” activities are merely intensive indoctrination sessions in learning how to perform one’s work duties and how to comply with the many rules and policies of the organization. There’s no “study” of anything other than Scientology, and many times this is canceled in order to meet production quotas, called “statistics”. If the “stats” are down, members are frequently required to work even more hours. Many weeks this minimal pay is cut down further, due to other “financial planning priorities.” The United States Government’s federal poverty guideline for religious workers is about $12,000 per year per person. The annual pay per the current Scientology system only gives a Sea Org member $2,390 annually. No medical or other benefits are provided.

Sea Org members who have been sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force are only granted $11 and some cents per week. Even this is often cut down to one-eighth of full pay or about $5 and some cents. This is annually around $300 to $600. This system is built on the assumption that a Sea Org member is doing his or her work “voluntarily” and this way of reasoning is justified with the fact that he or she is given food, “berthing” (a place to sleep) and a uniform.