Malibu Sees Peaceful Anonymous Protest Over Scientology

It came as surprise to many Malibu residents to see several masked protesters waving flags and placards along Pacific Coast Highway, the main artery in this famously wealthy seaside community last week. The small group, holding signs that said “Scientology Scam,” with their faces covered, stood in front of a nail salon that was recently renovated into facility catering to Scientologists.

“One of the protesters came into the store and I asked them why they were here,” said a surfer who gave his name as Kit Long. “They said they are Anonymous and were protesting the Scientologists who opened a office down the block.”

When asked why he thought Anonymous was protesting Scientology, and what he knew of the Scientology belief system, the blond haired twenty year-old replied, “Scientology is some sort of space alien brain washing cult thing. My mom’s friend got into it from doing acting courses and tried to talk my mom into joining, but my mom read up on it and told her it was BS, and so her friend stopped talking to her. As far as the people in masks, I say, good for them, they are passing out information that people need to know so they can make informed decisions.”