Church of Scientology and Los Angeles Police Dept caught violating civil rights laws.

Working in concert together, the Church of Scientology and Los Angeles Police Dept were caught once again violating civil rights of citizens. Makes one wonder if there is some kind of public corruption going on. Where is the FBI when you need them?

Here is the rest of Mr. Berry’s usenet article, which is worth repeating: “The Church of Scientology gala event to celebrate the 39th anniversary of the Celebrity Center was an epic flunk and fail for the worlds’ most dangerous cult and totalitarian terror enterprise. It was also an epic win for Anonymous.” wrote Graham E. Berry, attorney and advocate. Cult leader David Miscavige was once “In Charge” of “Project All Clear,” a 1980s Scientology mission to eliminate all litigation and government investigations of Scientology so that L. Ron Hubbard could emerge from his hiding places and life on the lam. Twenty two years after the leading role of David Miscavige in the highly suspicious death of L. Ron Hubbard, Miscavige now needs his own Project All Clear. Anonymous is not going to let him have it. Anonymous does not forgive. It does not forget. It is epic. It will bring the Hubbard killers to great justice! Before he died, Robert Vaughn Young gave me a copy of the first chapter of his never to be completed book “Who killed L. Ron Hubbard?” You can guess at the answer.

As I approached the Celebrity Center from Bronson Avenue/Hollywood Boulevard, a handicapped person (Mr. X) and I were excluded from progressing any further by the L.A.P.D. acting upon the instructions of Scientology Rev. Lyn Farny.