Hayes Helped Bring Scientology to Memphis

Sixty-five-year-old soul legend Isaac Hayes left behind family and fans around the world after his death Sunday. His musical talents of singing, writing and playing, brought a lot of attention to Memphis, his hometown. But Hayes brought the Bluff City much more.

Isaac Hayes will always be remembered for his soft soul music, but in the early 1990’s he began speaking out about another interest of his, one he eventually brought to Memphis for others to learn about.

“I had questions and it gave me answers,” said Hayes in a 1997 interview.

In October of 1997, with the help of Lisa Marie Presley, Hayes founded the Church of Scientology in Memphis.

The opening ceremony was held at the 1890’s mansion on Central Avenue which became its headquarters.

One of the people in attendance that day was friend and fellow Scientologist Tommy Davis.

Davis spoke to FOX13 by phone Monday from the Church of Scientology International in Los Angeles.

He and Hayes met in 1992. Both were working with and promoting the “World Literacy Crusade” using the study technology of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.