Scientology Cult is Being SMASHED by Worldwide Monthly Protests

As the worldwide protests against the Scientology criminal organization continue, the cult is really starting to hurt. This means we’re doing it right and we’ve got to keep it up. The next protest will be this Saturday, 16 August, at 11 am (local time) in every city.

Every month since February, thousands of “Anonymous” people in dozens of cities around the world have gathered in peaceful protest at the Scientology cult’s local offices and recruitment centers. In addition, many thousands more have participated in the effort by doing research and gathering evidence that in many cases is, right now, helping local and national police agencies to build criminal cases against the cult. The impact of all this extra scrutiny and attention on Scientology has been dramatic. Not only have thousands of formerly secret documents, recordings and films now been leaked to the public domain, but new defectors of high “OT-levels” and rank in the cult’s hierarchy have joined earlier ones in filing legal affidavits, which describe in detail exactly how Scientology commits fraud, steals, falsely imprisons, and otherwise criminally abuses society and the people who fall under its sway. The Scientology “stress test” bookselling racket has virtually been shut down in many cities, as protestors mount “flash raids” to inform would-be customers/victims that they are dealing with a cult. The in-flow of new money to the cult has all but dried up, and there are numerous reports of the cult insistently contacting every person who was ever foolish enough to give them an address or phone number – even many years ago — begging them to come on back down to the “org,” pay for a seminar, buy a book, anything. Meanwhile, as a way to divert attention from its increasingly bad situation, Scientology is making a big show of building or attempting to buy lots of enormous new properties, in order to cope with “unparalleled expansion” (i.e. metastasis). Scientology claims they have more than 8 million members. In reality, mainstream demographic surveys reckon there to be perhaps 100,000 Scientologists, worldwide, at the most.

We are keeping up the pressure on the Scientology cult/criminal organization. It would be a great time for you to join us. Please do.