Six Scientology cult officials working in England illegally

At least six high-level Scientology cult officials are currently working illegally in the United Kingdom, without the appropriate work permits. They are effectively working and living in the country as illegal immigrants. This information has been passed to the UK Border Agency, which is now mounting an investigation.

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original image ( 599×713)

This Information concerns the following individuals:

Maia Dube (US Citizen) – CO, Commodore’s Messengers Organization UK

Janet Laveau (Canadian citizen) – Head of the Office of Special Affairs UK, Scientology’s ‘Intelligence’ division.

Bob Bledsoe (US) – CO, Continental Liaison Office UK

John Danilovoch (US) – Captain, Advanced Org Saint Hill UK

Colin Davie (Australian) – CO, Flag Operations Liaison Office UK

Melanie Schwandt (US) – Deputy Religious Technology Centre Representative UK

Lucky Story (US) – Executive Director London Org

Information obtained by Anonymous strongly suggests that a scheme to attempt to circumvent the UK’s work permit requirements is being used on a regular basis. The source of this information is documentation that was carelessly discarded by a law firm retained by the Church of Scientology in the UK. This information has now been passed to the proper authorities.

The method being used is as follows: members of staff acquire a visitor visa prior to entering the UK; just before this is due to expire, they fly to an airport within France or another EU country; from there they fly to Dublin, or Cork in Ireland; they stay overnight, and get the visa stamped in Ireland, which enables them to travel back to the UK under another visitor visa.

The Church of Scientology will undoubtedly try to attack Anonymous for revealing this information and attempt to discredit said information. This is to be expected. However, journalists and other interested parties should be able to independently corroborate it via other sources, now that the technique used has actually been revealed.