Scientology’s Leader, Miscavige, Is a Failure

The Church of Scientology that all Scientologists believe exists, has been destroyed.

Scientologists believe there exists this robust and highly efficient organization called the Church of Scientology. They believe this organization is doing good, all over the world. They believe that this church has effective programs in place, being supervised by highly trained staff, and that these programs are causing great expansion.

This, they believe.

While it is doubtful that anything quite so grand and effective ever existed in the Church of Scientology, there were, at one time, plans and programs. There were, at one time, trained staff to run these programs. There was, at one time, expansion.

But no more. David Miscavige took over control of the Church of Scientology almost thirty years ago. Since then, he has systematically dismantled and destroyed the previous management, organization and activities of the church. Anything that was functioning in the old church has now been completely demolished.