Man investigated for giving legal services

A Houston-area man who says he is not a lawyer but is a provider of legal services is under investigation by the state bar of Texas for his role in a Kingsville couple’s lawsuit against the city of Kingsville and several police officers.

Donald Hull, a telemarketer, said in a phone interview that he is not a lawyer, and was just trying to help the couple.

A federal judge ordered Thursday that Hull’s conduct be referred to the state bar’s unauthorized practice of law committee after he tried to stop Kingsville’s lawyers from questioning the couple.

In 2005, police entered the home of Emelio and Gloria Garcia in connection with an investigation involving a relative. Gloria Garcia claimed in court filings that police used a Taser on her. The officers involved say they merely showed her the Taser, and that when they did, she dropped to the floor and began writhing in pain, pretending she had been shot with the device.


The Garcias, he said, were his first clients, though his phone number showed up on a Google internet search urging people who have been harassed by the Church of Scientology to contact him. He said this is a mistake and that he has no idea how his information ended up on the internet.