Translation from an article in the Israeli press:

“Oh, they looked great. I went with my husband to the BBQ that they organized. There was lots of money there. Lots of rich people, famous names. Yes, it sure did impress me at first. They spoke well, everyone in suits, at first you do not see the signs. You dont understand that there’s something psychotic in there”, says Rivka (Fake name – full name is kept at the newspaper’s office). But the signs did not take too long to appear. Infact, they were there for the whole time.

“Suddenly my Husband started to talk about aliens. He told our friends that he knows that in his previous incarnation he was at the death camps during the holocaust. Then he started to repeat the mantra that saving the Earth is the most important thing in his life, over and over again. I told him that the most important things is the family, the kids, but he insisted, ‘No. I only care about planet Earth'”.

Only after he pulled hundreds and thousands of Shekels, emptied their joint pension accounts, and left her in debts, did Rivka understand that the educational institution that her husband has been studying at for 4 years, is actually managed using Scientology principles that is defined as a Cult in Israel and most of the world. “They get everywhere, and capture you in ways that you cannot see”, she warns, “if they managed to get to my Husband, then they can really get to anyone.”

Now, apparently, they also managed to recruit the Espresso machine. For the past few weeks, the successful coffee chain “Cafe Cafe” has started a joint operation of the first of its kind with ‘Success’ – a business consultant company, which has been recognized and exposed by the Center for Cult Victims in Israel as one of the 10 business consulting companies that use the management principles of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology movement.