Scientology fails to reach its 7-year target

Since June 2001, the Church of Scientology has had a target to get up to 10,000 OTs either on or through OT VII by 2008. This much theta force was thought to be enough to handle Planet Earth, and be able to produce a large enough volume of field activity for all orgs to reach Saint Hill size, and consequently achieve the goal of bringing about the release of OT IX and X.

To attain this target, every Org was to 5X their OT VII auditors. A city or country’s starting figure was its total number of OT VII auditors in June 2001.

There was a gradient in moving up to the 5X goal—an area first went for doubling (2Xing) their original starting figure of OT VII auditors; once that was achieved the next stage was triple (3X), then 4X and finally up to 5X.

The target date for every Org to reach 5X was this month’s Freewinds Maiden Voyage Anniversary events.

But there are 19 Orgs who have failed to even complete the first stage of 2Xing.

They are as follows:

UK – Birmingham, Plymouth
Italy – Brescia, Monza, Verona
Sweden – Stockholm
Switzerland – Basel, Bern
Germany – Berlin, Stuttgart
Eastern US – Detroit, New Haven, New York
Latin American – Mexico City, Venezuela
South Africa – Cape Town, Durban