Scientology protest in East Grinstead is “extremely peaceful.”

Another protest was held in East Grinstead over the weekend by a crowd of 30 anti scientology representatives.

Police were present during the event on Saturday (July 26), which saw members of worldwide campaign group Anonymous and other protesters gather in a stand against scientology.

The protest started at the High Street at around 11am, before moving on to the UK scientology headquarters at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead in the afternoon.

Public affairs director at Saint Hill Manor Graeme Wilson described Anonymous as a “campaign to create hate for laughs”.

He said: “We just got on with what we were doing , we had a very busy workshop.”

Hartley Patterson who took part in the protest said: “I am one of the people who have been protesting for quite some time, and also organised the recent ones that were a couple months ago.”

He added: “I have been doing it for about 10 years now.”

It has recently come to light that a resident of East Grinstead, a local taxi driver, is being subjected to harassment by the cult. In particular they have demanded that he be removed from the taxi route serving Saint Hill Manor. The driver in question has been working to expose the cult in East Grinstead and has helped out protestors. Further information will be given as and when possible.

The man in question was one of the first people I met on arriving at East Grinstead in May; his reaction, utter delight that we were there and hope that we would return, made a lasting impact.