New German Films Aim to Shed Light on Scientology

Film companies in Germany are now making attempts to look behind what they believe is the true nature of Scientology. The movies are primarily aimed at young people, who are most likely to fall for the organization.

Young people tend to be the first to fall for Scientology and are therefore much courted by the group’s scouts across the nation. This is where a new, 25-minute film by the Matthias Film company comes in. It shows interviews with Scientology leaders, former members who have turned their backs on the organization and representatives of state authorities.

The film aims to inform young people about the objectives and policies of Scientology, which does not have the status of a religious organization in Germany. It is under the surveillance of intelligence officers, because Scientology leaders are believed to work against the country’s free democratic order. Currently, the sect has between 5,000 and 6,000 members in Germany.

But according to the film company’s press spokesman, Thomas Krueger, the film is not meant to be yet another piece of straightforward anti-Scientology propaganda.

“It allows viewers to just listen to the statements and assertions made, compare them, and then draw their own conclusions,” he said, adding that the exclusive material for the film has been collected in the United States, Austria and Germany.