Scientology declining — thank you anonymous

Thanks for the best birthday present I could ever have ..A year ago at this time Scientology’s star was constantly rising with great press, frequent celebrity endorsements, and a public that didn’t seem to know the truth about them.

I had given up any hope of Scientology ever diminishing in number, power, image, or income.

But in one year, thanks to the continued work of Anonymous (and let’s not forget also the many individuals who have been working for the past several years to get the truth out about Scientology) and your pickets and the negative publicity you’ve generated and all the wonderful work that you’ve done, things have definitely changed.

Today, their stats are down, there’s plenty of bad bpublicity against them the press is less afraid of them, celebrities no longer seem anxious to announce that they’re members, major people have blown, they face new lawsuits (e.g., asbestos) and a multitude of other problems.

People are finally seeing that the emperor (cult) has no clothes, and as more speak out, more will speak out.

Remember though that Scientology has had some terrible publicity in the past (in the ’50’s and ’80’s) and came back with a vengeance (literally) so your work is not done. (They also have traditionally always started promoting and calling themselves Dianetics when they run into image problems with Scientology so be prepared.)

Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday and I was thinking tonight that anonymous has given me the best birthday present I could have had!

The beginning of the end of Scientology

Paulette Cooper

Paulette Cooper is one of the most well-known survivors of the cult’s notorious Fair Game policy. In 1971 she wrote a book entitled “The Scandal of Scientology” (available in full here.) In retaliation, Scientology launched a campaign to silence Cooper by any means necessary. Threats were made against her life, she was subjected to relentless harassment, and eventually the cult used paper stolen from her house to make terrorist threats against their own property in the hope of having her jailed. Other plans involved the staging of terrorist threats in Cooper’s name against foreign embassies and government buildings. Details of the harassment were revealed following FBI raids on Scientology headquarters as part of an investigation into Operation Snow White, Scientology’s infiltration of various government agencies.