July 26, Narconon of GA picketed

We had a fun mini-raid. We arrived early afternoon in front of the office complex that houses the local Narconon center, with signs reading “Narconon kills” and “Patrick Desmond died while in the ‘care’ of Narconon,” ready to protest.

A red cargo van, loaded with passengers, pulled out of the exit closest to the narconon building. We had our signs up and waved at the van, although we knew who they were. A woman in the front passenger seat had the window down and waved back.

A few minutes later, the same van drove by on the other side of the road, returning from dropping off the passengers wherever they were being taken, made a u-turn, then drove toward the narconon entrance. The van parked right in front of us, blocking the view of us from the street, and two large men opened the middle door and pulled out cameras. When we pulled out our own camera, one of the men slid down in the seat and hid his face, and the other quickly closed the door.