Scientology sticks to you like lint.

There’s no doubt that the Church of Scientology has improved its image in the last decade or so. A little less secretive, a little less scary (although still creepy), more the butt of a good joke than a genuine threat.

Nonetheless, before you walk into a Scientology storefront on a drunken lark and fill out some paperwork, consider this:

My brother Kurt just received yet another piece of mail from the Church of Scientology, telling him “You are eligible for a free-six month membership in the International Association of Scientologists.”

Kurt’s been getting mail from Scientology for 29 years. As a 17-year-old living in St. Pete, he was briefly the drummer for a band that included a couple of Scientologists (the band was Tarkhill Firetower, just in case someone might remember).