Scientology tightens grip on stressed Jodhi Meares

AMID her ailing television career and prolonged heartbreak over ex-husband James Packer, Jodhi Meares is taking comfort and refuge in the Church of Scientology.

While Packer is believed to have distanced himself from the controversial cult in recent months, Meares has instead plunged further into the beliefs upheld by the church and its tight inner circle in Sydney.

Meares has secretly been a long-time devotee of Scientology, but in recent years has tightened her circle of close friends to include only those who also belong to the sect.

Former Water Rats actress Dee Smart and her husband Chris Hancock – both devout Scientologists – are known confidantes.

But far from helping the former model to better her life and disposition, Meares’ associates are concerned her ongoing commitment to Scientology has only served to indulge her insecurities and inability to move on from her failed marriage to Packer.