Protesting Scientology–Anonymous Marches in San Diego Pride Parade

As part of their information campaign campaign to alert and inform the public about the cult of Scientology, on Saturday July 19 members of anti-Scientology group Anonymous officially participated in San Diego Pride Parade, marching as a contingent, while another Anonymous rode in the Dykes on Bikes group

On Saturday July 19, members of the internationally renown anti-Scientology activism group Anonymous marched in the San Diego Pride Parade as their own contingent, while another Anonymous rode in the motorcycle group Dykes on Bikes. Anonymous appeared in front of over 180,000 celebrants to show their support for the LGBT community–and to alert them to Scientology’s bigoted and biased attitudes towards the lesbian, gay, bi- and transgendered population.

Anonymous, featured in the August issue of Maxim magazine, include all races, creeds, cultures and orientations in their over nine thousand members around the world.

“In his book Dianetics, Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard wrote garbage like homosexuals are intensely dangerous to society, since the aberration is contagious–his words not mine. That’s just wrong!” explains one Anonymous who participated in the march. “Hubbard and his followers also feel that if homosexuality can’t be cured by Scientology, then those individuals should be removed from society without remorse. That sort of thinking is disgusting!”

“And they oppose gay marriage!” chimed in another masked member of Anonymous.