Gregg Hagglund’s (TorontoSP) affidavit about not being allowed in front of org

DELAYED Toronto Picket Report for July 12, 2008.
35 to 50 Demonstrators.
Hundreds of flyers handed out.
Notice of Demonstration mislaid by Toronto Police.
Yvette Schenk threatens me with Police action.
Police Officer tramples Charter Right of Freedom of Speech and

Toronto Ontario, July 12, 2008.

I arrived on scene at around 10 AM and met with gathering Anonymous participants at the local rally point in the parkette. Everyone remarked on the absence of Toronto Police. I thought this odd, but not unusual in my experience. From my point of view, I thought the Police had become satisfied they did not need to expend manpower unnecessarily on these newly established peaceful demonstrations.

Shortly before 11 AM I approached the Org and wave to a Police Sergeant as he drove by. He waved back. I erroneously assumed we were now in a “business as usual” framework similar to years past. It did not occur to me the Notice I filed with Toronto Police had gone astray and 52 had no idea a large number of Anonymous Demonstrators were about to show up at the Org.

Moments after 11 AM about 25 Anons crossed Yonge St and I suggested they occupy both sides of St. Mary and not to demonstrate in any large number in front of the Org. My advice was heeded, however Yvette Schenk made an appearance (video later) and threatened she would call the Police.

I was really impressed.

The older Officer was a publicity nightmare for Toronto Police. On audio and on video too. (Available later.)

He was rude to me, the Anons, third party citizens who challenged his ill behavior and he claimed to be enforcing some “agreement” which he claimed he had arranged with Scientology and Anons about no one demonstrating in front of the Org. What I believe he meant was for the last few two weeks the Toronto Police had been violating the Charter Rights of Free Speech of Anons so as to keep Scientology from making numerous calls falsely claiming the sidewalks were being obstructed, entrances were being blocked and their members and staff intimidated.