Coming Out Announcement

Hello Anonymous, Hello Scientologists;

As some of you know, I joined this group approximately 2 months ago. I am ex SO, and was posted in CLO EUS in NY. I was in WISE, and when I blew I was the CO WISE EUS. Before that I was Ethics Officer and Membership Services Director. Everyone above me ended up getting RPF’d, and I was put in charge. I blew during a very rough time when the church tried to separate my wife and I “for the greatedt good for the greatest number of dynamics”. We returned to route out properly. The church was unable to do so per the tech, inspite of the fact that we paid our way to LA to get routed out. I have been out a long time. I was in the SO for aproximately 2 1/2 yrs, and staff around a year before that at LI Org. I wished to remain anonymous, until I was ready to come out. I am ready.

My name is Chris Tringali. My brother in-law and his daughter are scientologists. She is the one called Meghan on the “Puthy Video”, taking pictures with John Carmichael. She is on staff at NY Day. Her dad is on OTVII. His wife is my sister.