School policies must assert individual free will

The Church of Scientology is actively targeting Guam as a potential base for expansion into East Asia and the Pacific.

The power of this group should not be underestimated. Ten years ago the Cult Awareness Network received more complaints about Scientology than about any other organization, so they put Scientology at the top of their cult list.

The Church of Scientology put the Cult Awareness Network into bankruptcy and then took it over. Scientology now operates the Cult Awareness Network as a promotional arm of their organization.

Even if this group recruits only a few powerful and influential people in Guam, the effects on our community would be profound.

Unfortunately, the “conformity factory” nature of our public school system predisposes our young to recruitment of such groups. Two policies in particular promote the docile and obedient “herd mentality.”

These policies are mandatory school uniforms that instill in children the lesson that “you will be punished if you are different,” and test-based standardization of the curriculum that teaches there is one and only one officially acceptable answer to each and every question.