Church of Scientology Orgs Caught Demonstrating Extremely Poor Behavior

This past Saturday marked the 6th global protest in as many months from the internet activist group Anonymous against the Church of Scientology.

Anonymous, who’ve successfully gathered people from all over the world to help expose the injustices and abuses of Scientology’s organized “religion” have been working very hard to inform the public. Their monthly protests are designed to raise awareness and enlighten those who aren’t aware of Scientology’s history of silencing critics, harassing members, destroying families, spying on those who speak out about their abuse within the organization, and the infinite empty promises never delivered to its members — all at outrageous prices, some exceeding $360,000.

But Anonymous’ efforts aren’t without inherent dangers. Going up against one of the most litigious groups in the history of mankind has its price. The above videos demonstrate two glaring scenarios of Scientology’s unpleasant side.

(Videos in article.)