J-Lo snared in YouTube video

CITY of Adelaide Minister Jane Lomax-Smith unknowingly appears in an internet video in which she brands members of Scientology as “bastards” while criticising the group’s entitlement to tax exemptions for religious organisations.

Her comments were secretly filmed in May by the internet collective Anonymous, which has been conducting protests against Scientology and posted on the online video site, YouTube.

Anonymous members, often wearing eye-catching disguises, have been holding monthly protests against Scientology and its teachings.

The YouTube video shows Dr Lomax-Smith in front of a restaurant in Waymouth St, next door to Scientology, asking a group of masked people: “Are you all related to someone who’s been sucked in?”

The video, which appeared to be taken without Dr Lomax-Smith’s consent, then hears her discussing Scientology’s tax exemptions, a status shared by other religious organisations and charities.