Novosibirsk prosecutor to close up another scientologist organization

Novosibirsk, July 8, Interfax – Prosecutor of the Novosibirsk Region addressed the Novosibirsk central district court a demand to close up Dianetics Siberian Center non-commercial partnership.

The regional prosecutor’s office has reported on Tuesday that law-enforcement agencies together with experts of regional educational department analyzed activities of the scientologist center and examined printed publications by Ron Hubbard used in the center.

“Educational activity is subjected to licensing in the Russian Federation. The license for conducting educational activity is given to religious organizations on request of their leaders. However, the International Scientologist Church, which owns L. Ron Hubbard’s books, booklets and programs didn’t apply for the license and is not registered in the Novosibirsk Region,” the message says.

“Dianetics Siberian Center conducts educational activities contrary to the law as it has not set up a proper educational establishment and does not have the required permission, which is a multiple violation of the law and gives grounds for the court to decide on its liquidation in compliance with the regional prosecutor’s claim,” the press release notes.