Katie Holmes’ Play Not A Hot Ticket

Holmes’ confirmed she will star in Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” play in New York. Holmes is reportedly getting paid $1 million for the show.

Unfortunately advance ticket sales are slow, which means there may be little interest in the production. So far ticket sales are a third of what was expected.


One ticket seller tells the British newspaper the Metro: “I bought 1,000 tickets to the show I still have them.”

Another ticket broker wonders “Where are all the Scientologists? Don’t they want to see her?”

I think that’s a great question, where are all the Scientologists? Why aren’t they supporting one of their own?

If they’re going to be in her business all the time and have people ‘minding’ her, you would think they would make sure that she’s successful too.

Michael Riedel, influential theater critic for the New York Post, reports cast members have been forced to sign confidentiality agreements: “The Scientology minders in charge of Holmes apparently don’t want any press they can’t control.”