My Escape From the Int Base…

Things were not going well for John Peeler at the Int Base.

After 10, actually more years of dedicated service to Scientology, I had worked my way up through the rank to become an MAA at the Int Base – in fact Chief MAA Gold and then DePTSer of the entire base. For several years, at least 5, I was responsible for ensuring that no staff member on the base was PTS – including RTC personnel.

Do you know what that means?

I had access to all of the ethics files and PC folders of everyone on the Int Base, except for David Miscavige and Shelley (that was just part of the rules).

When I look back on all of this though, the difference between myself, and that goon Security Guard that you see in the Youtube videos, is that I actually cared for people and thought that I could help them out in their personal lives. My intention was not to keep them there if they wanted to leave, but to help them see why they should stay. In fact, my job was probably more dangerous than the average Joe Security Guard because my love was legitimate and would keep someone in the fold longer because of how real it was.

Regardless of all that, things got pretty bad for Peeler.

After a decade of being split away from his family (with literally only a week or two of visiting time with them in all), and after 4 years of being seperated from his wife (who was an RTC Rep at Flag – all the way across the freakin’ country), John Peeler got busted from the Int TTC based on fabricated lies by Marty Rathbun in a report to David Miscavige which became the subject of an all Int Base briefing.

John Peeler after being an Int Base freakin’ hero for years, now become low-life scum bag overnight, assigned to heavy labor and sec-checking for 6 months. (Mind you, this is now in a condition of being restricted to the base at OGH, behind razor wire fences with motion detectors, Security Guards and watch dogs.)